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Welcome to revolutioniseIT

Revolutionise IT was established to provide a different approach to Apple computer service and support in Christchurch. It is easy to find a place to buy new Apple computers and software, however it is more difficult to find a partner to help set-up and support your new equipment effectively.

What We Do

Our team have many years experience supporting Apple Mac solutions. We provide everything from complete systems management to single computer upgrades. With an average of 15 years experience each with the Mac - our support staff tailor solutions to meet each of our customer’s requirements

Why We Do It Better

The team at Revolutionise IT understand the complex ICT requirements of today’s learning & work environments. We can work with you to design and deploy various solutions.We can future-proof your network to keep up with the demands of rich-media delivery, increased storage and network traffic.


While every attempt has been made with accuracy, all prices, product specifications are liable to change without notice. Additionally, the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply to goods purchased for business purposes.

Contact Us

revolutioniseIT Limited
PO Box 42119
Tower Junction
Christchurch 8149

p. 0800 473 865 (4 Revolution)

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