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Managed IT

Remove the burden of managing IT systems by outsourcing your IT requirements to Rev IT. We  work alongside existing IT departments to provide expertise and consultation for specific functions through to complete systems management & support

Disaster Recovery

Your data is the most important aspect of any business or school yet many people either don't have adequate backup plans in place or  a robust strategy in place for disaster recovery scenarios - let us design and build a failsafe system for any unforeseen emergency

Server Management

As Apple specialists our staff are all fully trained and certified in Mac OS Server - we are experts in designing, configuring and implement server and RAID solutions into schools and businesses including caching servers for iOS devices.

Network Analysis

Whether you are trying to connect your business or school to broadband/fibre or trying to implement robust institution-wide wireless solutions, Rev IT can advise, design & implement the best solution for your needs and budget.


Phone Services

Move your business and school communications from traditional phone technology to Voice over IP (VoIP) with Rev IT and take advantage of the potential huge cost savings. We can design, build and maintain complex VoIP systems to suit any need

Phone Systems

We provide SIP standards-based  IP phones  allowing extension-to-extension dialing, multimedia calls (voice and video) and other advanced functions including BLA/BLF, Intercom/Paging, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Return and much more.


We are uniquely qualified to help design, implement, and optimise your networks and systems for reliable VoIP operation. We can help you:  improve operations, control cost, manage IT risk, Accelerate readiness, deployment, and user satisfaction



The Device Enrollment Program  helps businesses and
 education institutions easily deploy and manage iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iOS devices and Mac computers that are purchased directly from Apple

Zero-touch Config

With DEP large-scale deployments of iPad, iPhone, and Mac are seamless for IT. You can automate MDM enrollment for every device and immediately configure account settings, apps, and access to IT services over the air - users can start using their devices right out of the box.

Wireless Supervision

Supervision mode provides a higher level of device management for institutionally owned iOS devices.  It allows additional restrictions, such as turning off iMessage, and it provides additional device configurations and features, such as web content filtering and single-app mode.


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